About Us

Mamaka Bowls began the moment KK & Carrie left each summer spent in Laguna Beach, California to go back home to Dallas, Texas and realized there was no way to live without the acai bowls they had eaten every day for three months straight.

Pretty quickly KK convinced Carrie to figure out an acai bowl recipe and with zero shock to anyone, she created the perfect bowl with granola from probably Jesus himself. Carrie delivered the bowls to KK’s high school, growing from one bowl a day to 40-50 bowls a day to kids in every lunch period. After one of the busiest years of her life, the purchase of a giant freezer, 3 blenders, hundreds of pounds of frozen fruit, endless Sunday nights of strawberry cutting and a house with a permanent freshly baked granola smell, Carrie called it quits for a much needed break.

After a few years of revamped Mamaka withdrawals, KK decided to take over in a new house and in a new state. Expecting a chill summer making a couple different bowls a day for friends, KK & Carrie now laugh at how much that didn’t happen. Lines of people stood outside KK’s college home waiting to pick up their bowls each day. Once the summer came to a close, KK & Carrie didn’t blink twice, knowing Mamaka was meant to be something more, and signed a lease at their first storefront in Fayetteville, AR. Since then they have had a complete 180 degree life change and couldn’t be more stoked that people get to experience beach life and understand how freaking incredible Mamaka Bowls are.

KK & Carrie believe that life is better when it's lived in courderoy shorts by the beach, that laughter and salty air is better than most things and being a free spirit is a dang good thing. They strive to combine that mindset with their love of acai to create the perfect bowl. Let's live a life well lived.


Monday - Saturday 
8am - 7pm


Monday - Saturday 
8am - 7pm


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495 W. Prairie Street

Fayetteville, AR 72701

215 S University Parks Dr.

Waco, TX 76708

Phone #: (479) 935-3411
Email: mamakabowls@gmail.com