our story and who we are

Mamaka bowls began the moment our 5 person family left the home we had formed in Laguna Beach, California and realized we couldn't quite live without the acai bowls we had eaten every day for the past three months. We realized pretty quickly that we needed to figure out how to make our own acai bowls because the withdrawals just weren't getting any better. After endless amounts of trial granolas and combinations upon combinations of fruits to perfect the consistency and flavor, we finally nailed it. I convinced my mom to start delivering the bowls to my lunch period junior year of high school and quicker than she could blend another bowl, she had lists of orders. After one of the busiest years of her life, the purchase of a giant freezer, 3 blenders, hundreds of pounds of frozen fruit, endless Sunday nights of strawberry cutting, and a house with a permanent freshly baked granola smell, my mom called it quits for a much needed break. Mamaka couldn't just disappear, though, and after several series of events, a dusted off blender, and the smell of the same incredible granola in a new house in a new state, we are back. We believe that life is better when it's lived in courderoy shorts by the beach, that laughter and salty air is better than most things and being a free spirit is a dang good thing. With every blend, we strive to combine this mindset with our love of acai to create the perfect blend. Let's live a life well lived, hang loose and Pura Vida!